After-Pics and Bunnies

I promised some after-pictures in that last post, and here they are!
So here's the little mermaid, all ready for final details...
And here's Marina all done...
Itty bitty Kiki is already sold... Painting this tiny is hard!
This one is Fynn.
He/she is kinda odd, but my favorite this week. I like odd.
This one wanted to be a tiger. Rawr!
She's on her way to London.
 And these two little monster bugs are in Michigan now.
I made some little circus tents to share too.
They have wheels. Because wheels are cute.
Here, here, and here.

I took a bit of a mental health day this past Monday. Drove up the coast with College Boy to Pacific City. Sometime in the distant past, somebody let loose a bunch (or maybe just two) of domestic rabbits that have gone on to populate the area. They are very sweet, coming right up for treats. I'll spare you from the ridiculous amount of bunny pics I snapped. Oh well, maybe just a couple...

I was having a bit of a rough patch, but bunnies make everything better.
Yay for bunny days!


  1. Love the new pieces. I was thinking of trying a mermaid but more vintage to go in my bathroom since that is my theme. We have a lot of rabbits in our area and sometimes i see a few that look more domestic, so wonder if they were from someones pet.


  2. Everything is wonderful! Not least the bunnies! Will this inspire some bunny-work?

  3. Your finishes are all wonderful Jo, love your imagination! Wishing you many more bunny days!

  4. Love the little Mergirl :)

  5. Fynn is my favorite...I love those shoes. YAY for mental health days'''


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