Thinking Small

When I started making this batch of tiny wooden things, I wasn't sure what they'd be. I mean, I had a general idea (bee, bird, bird, bird), but not a complete vision. I thought maybe they'd be brooches, but I don't wear brooches, and very much prefer wall jewelry to real jewelry. I was also thinking about how much I like collecting stuff, but how little wall space I have. So I thought small.
I snapped some pics along the way. Day one, two, and three:
I'm quite pleased with how they turned out, and happy to have them fancying up my walls for a little while as they await their forever walls. Their names are Brimble, Freckle, Grumble, and Blackberry.

So you might have noticed that that snapshot up there of  Day One isn't all birds and bees. There are deer legs and dolly bottoms in there too. . .
. . .for Sprout, Ceryn, and Sprig.

And while I was thinking small, I made these teeny weeny itsy bitsy skellys. . .
Tiny enough for necklaces! So of course I had to make adequate presentation boxes for such skeletal silliness. . .
And last but not least in this week's little lineup. . .

. . .The first pumpkins of the year, Sherman and Carolee. I thought about selling them separately for about a minute, but I'd be a monster to separate them.

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."
-Napoleon Hill


Something-New. . .Monday!

I actually finished this celestial batch on Sunday, but my computer wasn't cooperating. Come to think of it, my whole day wasn't cooperating. Ever have one of those days? The kind where you really just shouldn't have gotten out of your pajamas, or left the house, or attempted to communicate with any other human person? And you certainly shouldn't have made any rash decisions about whether or not to bring home a vintage trailer that had a tree crash through its roof so its owners were giving it away and all you had to do was go way across town in hellish traffic and tow it home even though you've never towed anything or driven the thing doing the towing and it's stupid hot out and everything breaks, and, and, and... Seriously, I should have stayed in my jammies.
Lots of moons going on this past week. I think they were inspired by my newly-built outhouse, which really needs a moon on the door. What's with putting moons on outhouse doors anyway? And does it have anything to do with why we refer to bare butts as moons?

Anywayhere's the latest silliness:
Artemis Moon                                                                     Bliss and Beaumont
Soleil                                             Celeste                                          Orion

Hope the rest of you aren't having one of those days.
If you even suspect that you might be, I strongly suggest NOT getting out of your pajamas.
(And while you're hanging out in your jammies, strolling through cyberspace not getting into any trouble at all, maybe you'll stop by my shop ☺)


Four months, really?!

I can't believe how long it has been since I lasted visited Bloglandia. I put it on my schedule and everything! But alas, time management continues to elude me. It's not like I'm twiddling away my minutes, I just have so much I want to do with so few hours in a day. So I want to catch up. I'll start by playing show 'n' tell. This is what I made since our last visit. . . (Some of these arty tidbits are still in the shop.)

Well, some of what I made. There were other things too, but I either neglected to take pictures or I took pictures and they're hiding somewhere in the mess that is my picture folder. Some of the things were commissioned pieces, and some were for me. Like the outhouse! Yep, I made an outhouse. OK, truth be told, my brother made an outhouse for me, but I totally helped. It still needs a roof, and paint, and a moon on the door, but it's still the height of luxury here on the ole Cart! 
Other stuff I've made since my last visit:
-Many, many messes
-A bed/couch for the studio
-A room transformation (turned my room into a room for College Boy)
-More messes
-Girl Scout projects with my niece
-New friends
-Daisy chains
-A schedule
-Doctor appointments
-Tomato salad
- Etcetera, ad infinitum. . .

There are also lots of things I didn't make. Important things, like enough money to keep my car from being repossessed; and unimportant things, like my bed. But that's a different story. I choose to give my attention to the things I did manage to do.

Now I'm off to make more stuff!
Hope you're all having a happy day.

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