Moon Omelette

I moved here to Olympia on February's Friday the 13th, and just celebrated my one-month-iversary on March's Friday the 13th. I don't put much stock in superstitions, although I did just get a fortune cookie with no fortune in it, which always gives me a bit of the willies. It's been a pretty good month. Time flies! I'm getting settled in for the most part, trying to figure out new routines. I've been tied to my worktable, playing catch-up mostly, but I also got to make some new stuff this week. Spring is luring people out of hibernation here in the Pacific Northwest, and I answered the call with anthropomorphic eggs, more rain, and a moon-headed fellow. They'll all be available this evening, 5:PM Pacific Time, in my shop. Here.

I've been doing other things too, here in my little corner of the woods. Any clear night begs for a campfire, and who am I to deny a clear night's request? One of my favorite things in the world is to sit by a fire under a starry sky. I still need to figure some stuff though. RV living has it's drawbacks, like the whole potty situation. I'll spare you the details, but an outhouse needs to be built. Right now I have a bit of a hike to a proper toilet, which is less than pleasant in the dark of a rainy night. And much more unpleasant in the case of. . . ummmm. . . let's just say, urgency. And on that note. . .

Hope you're all having a pleasant day, flush with Springtimey goodness!


Moving on down the road. . .

Two weeks ago, Lulu and I packed up The Cart and headed for a new pasture (literally). Well, Lulu was no help. But she did seem to enjoy the journey. Here's a little stop along Highway 101, heading from the Oregon Coast to Olympia, Washington. Nice view, huh?

And here are some pics of our new digs--

Love those furry green trees!

The pasture that I look out on from my worktable. There's a horse in there somewhere. His name is Harley and when I bring him carrots he licks my face like he's a giant dog.

A little outbuilding that I hope to turn into a ceramics studio someday.

View from my front steps.

The Cart, parked in its new little corner of paradise. I have plans to build a deck and make the outside all pretty.
I love it here already! I'm still getting settled in, finding my way around and such. The studio is fully functional however and I've been working and working. My living room is now (hopefully very temporarily) a woodworking shop, but I'm saving pennies to get a shed soon so as to lessen the indoor sawdust component. Got some commissions done, and even managed to make some new stuff for the shop! My list is still long. Really really long. But I'm checking stuff off everyday. It's challenging, but all sorts of rewarding!

 I'll be back on Sunday with pics of this week's offerings, but I just couldn't bring myself to do a post without any silliness, so here are a few snapshots from today's table--

I hope your day's challenges prove to offer their own unexpected rewards.
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