Today's Table(s)

OK, I've been getting a little carried away, creatively speaking.
I just can't keep up with all my ideas! So the WIPs (works-in-progress) are taking over the Cart. "Today's Table" would more accurately be "Today's Every-Available-Surface". I just can't seem to stick with one thing, so I go back and forth amongst all my stations-- sewing, woodworking, sculpting, sketching. . . repeat. Repeat again. Wheee!!

This morning I've been mostly playing with wood, making armatures. They are deceptively simple-looking, but in actuality take a multitude of tools to finish. For each one I use a chop saw, an angle grinder, a dremel tool, a scroll saw, and a drill. And sandpaper, but that's not really a tool, is it? Anyway, now that I've got the armatures put together I can do the fun part-- playing with clay!

Speaking of playing with clay, I've been spending some time in the clay studio over at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. It's fun to play with fire again! Last night we did a raku firing and I made some itty bitty skelly masks. Love how this one turned out! I'll be adding in teeth and some eye details with paint. Now I have to make someone to wear it. . .

Hope you're all having a creative day.
(Maybe a little less creative than mine though, because sheesh
I've really gotta reign myself in sometimes.)


  1. Wonderful!! it gets so crazy getting pulled in all directions, but the ideas never stop, do they?
    Have fun!

  2. So much fun all over! Wish I had as much going on as you do. It all looks wonderful!

  3. Oh how wonderful that you are creating so much!Can't wait to see the next step with all these great projects. Good to see!

  4. I think it is wonderful that you are in a creative zone, it is really bringing out the best in your newest pieces and unique creations.


  5. Fantastic to see all this creative productivity, hope you are well.

  6. Well, it all looks so flipping CUTE ;o) Love the cat and the skull particularly

  7. I love seeing all this creativity! Can't wait to see how all this stuff turns out!

  8. how exciting! glad to see you are so busy! and i am envious of your work stations! you would stroke if you saw the little area i have to work on..it's called the table. sigh. xOx

  9. Wonderful creative chaos! Can't wait to see where you are going with the cat, such amazing creativity Jo!


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