Something-New Sunday

I keep thinking I have to have something really great to say to come back on here and post, but I've been pretty quiet as of late. So I'll just show you the latest, and hope that I'll be back really quick-like. Got lots more goodies in the works!

Here are Woodlyn and Forest, with and without their owl masks. They'll be joined in the shop over the next few days (hopefully) by some skelly friends, a BIG many-eyed monster, and a couple of mermaids.
In the meantime, here's a little tutorial for those of you out in Bloglandia that have artistic aspirations...


  1. It is good to see you posting again and happy to see you creating, love the new owls.
    Your chart is perfect and the truth. I hear so many people say, I am not really an artist, if you create, you are.


  2. Happy to see you back in blog-land :) Woodlyn and Forest are absolutely gorgeous. Welcome Back!

  3. I am quietly cheering you on from here in Australia.You've had a deep blow, and it is good to see you are overcoming your pain.good for you.LOVE the owls!!!

  4. Oh my Jo, Woodlyn and Forest are adorable! And love your 'artist' definition, too true!


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