For All the Moms

There are all sorts of mothers out there. Moms and Mommies, Mums and Ma's. And sometimes even Pa's. Mothers-in-law and mother outlaws. Big sisters, grandmas, aunties, friends, step-moms, birth-moms, adopted moms, and foster moms. Teachers and mentors, neighbors and babysitters. Some you're born with, some find you, and some you find. Whether they have babies, fur-babies, big kids, or grown-ups-- Mothering is a way of loving. Any who get it and any who give it are blessed. Today we're grateful for all the mothers out there, whatever name they may wear.

(But let's face it, mothering can be a thankless job. So here's a little incentive to buy yourself a present.)

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  1. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, sweet lil' Jo! I'm thinking of you, sending you tons of hugs, and expecting everyone (yes, that means YOU, Dylan - HAHAHA) to spoil you rotten on Sunday! LOVE YOU!


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