Oh, Christmas Tree!

So we went out and chopped down a little pine tree, shoved it into the back of our itty bitty car, dragged it into our living room, and hung an eclectic assortment of non-functional objects on it.
When I pause to think about it for a minute, it's kind of an odd tradition. I like odd.

Red Bear climbed to the top of this year's tree.
Now he's stuck up there until January.

OK, the halls are officially decked. Now bring on the eggnog! 
I'll be at my worktable, making merry and such.

Happy December!


  1. Red Bear looks good at the top of the tree. For the past couple of year we put up a non-traditional tree topper.
    Chris =]

  2. The red bear is awesome as your tree topper. He looks like he belongs there. Love how you decked your halls. Hehehee. Thanks for sharing the photos and happy eggnog drinking!!!! Happy Holidays to you and all your blog readers!

  3. Oh yes, it's coming! What a jolly tree! Not so much an Elf-on-the-shelf as a Red-bear-in-the-air.

  4. My husband and I were just talking last night about what an odd tradition it is to put a tree in one's living room!! Well, your "odd tradition" looks absolutely lovely and festive. Enjoy!!

    Heaps of Hugs,

    1. Okay! I'm a dumbhead, Cheryl, so I just have to ask. Where DO you generally put your tree? Is it a family tradition or just yours & your hubby's personal preference place? I have 8 trees all over the house - from quite large to quite small, but all decorated - yet my MAIN tree always goes in my livingroom. I LOVE hearing about other families' traditions! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & YOURS!

  5. THERE you are! I was just about to call out a search party for my sweet lil' friend! NOW I see where you were! Adorning the house! BEAUTIFUL! And I LOVE Red Bear atop the tree! He looks quite content up there! Funny, but I have a red bear that always insists on sitting UNDER my tree along with Pinocchio, two other (brown) bears, a Spanish dancer, and a wooden bear! If my under-the-tree red bear wasn't so heavy, I'd see how HE liked the tree-top spot! Your tree is gorgeous! LOVE YOU! And, HI, DYLAN!


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