Christmas Stuff

I'm afraid I don't have anything new to show you this Sunday; I took a little time off to play with my family.
Yesterday, we busted out the boxes marked "Christmas Stuff". Hooray!
 I made a special place to display my favorite kid-made ornaments. I love them so much!

 The mantle was dedicated to all things Santa.

 There may have been an interloper here and there.

I made these little houses 3 years ago. You can make some too.
And what Christmas village would be complete with a giant red bear?
 It's a well-known fact that Little Red Riding Hoods are especially fond of Christmas.

Today we'll go chop down a tree and decorate it all up before College Girl has to go back to school this evening. Then it's back to our regularly scheduled arty shenanigans. I really like my life.


  1. Love your Christmas decorations Jo.I have some up already too.Love the old deco's.They have a lovely charm don't they?

  2. So exciting, I love this time of year! I am bound and determined to make little cardboard glitter houses this Christmas season, so I was especially thrilled to see your tiny houses! So cute!

  3. I'm all 'decorated' over here, too! It's such fun seeing your kid-made ornies! I have all my daughter's AND 22 years worth of the ones from my students. You cracked me up with your 'interlopers'! I just love you, Jo! Let's see the tree when it's up, okay?

  4. How fun to see what Christmas decorations you put up. I love the tree with the kid-made ornaments. Just awesome! Yep, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Have fun with the tree chopping and trimming.

  5. Замечательная подборка новогодних игрушек! Спасибо! Удачи вам!


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