Today's Table

One of our favorite collectors commissioned a portrait of her funny little dog, Harvey.
Here's Harvey in real life, posing with his favorite toy--
And here's Harvey a la Cart Before the Horse--

I had my doubts about incorporating that blue stuffed lamb, but ended up loving how it turned out!
Hopefully Harvey (and his person) will like it too.

Now I'm turning my attention to other things on this morning's worktable, like these roly poly starts.
Contrary to their initial appearance, they won't end up being snowmen. At least, I don't think they will. Sometimes my plans are thwarted. I may be steady and reliable, but my creations are fickle beasts.


  1. Harvey is so wonderful little gentleman with his blue lamb ! Great job!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love your version of Harvey! He's perfect and I'm sure that Harvey's owners think so too.

  3. Great blog, thanks for sharing.

  4. Love Harvey and his lamb!!!

  5. Harvey is amazing!!!

  6. I wondered what that little blue lamb was up to when you showed what was on your desk. Now, the mystery is solved! Harvey looks so awesome. I'm sure the commissioner will love it!

    I'm excited to see what the balls turn into. Yeah, you are steady and reliable and I hear you about sometimes your creations being fickle. It's that way over my way too. Hehehehee.

  7. Down right fabulous! I know they will love it!

  8. Words cannot express how impressed I am with your commissioned Harvey and his little lamb!!

  9. I love your version of Harvey and his little friend .. tots grand (as the kids say) LOL


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