Today's Table

Here's a little peek at today's goings-on.

I gotta make some sort of schedule today too. I'm sort of all over the place lately creatively and mood-wise, and having some sort of parameters helps me reign myself in a bit. Time management is a always a tricky balancing act when you work at home. And balance is always a worthwhile goal, don't you think?


  1. Anonymous11/10/2012

    Oh how I would love to sit your table! I could be your balancing coach- I'm great at giving advice I don't follow myself ;)

  2. I like what Hand of Bela Peck wrote. Hehehee. Yeah, I hear you for finding that balance and reigning yourself in. I have to find that sweet spot between doing too many things and doing nothing at all. It's like a little of this and a little of that; not too much of either and not being attached to any certain outcome.

    Love the works in progress. I think I see a Mr. and Mrs. Clause coming out of those stacks of balls. Wonderful.

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah, balance. How long will that take? ;)

    But seriously, I find that when I'm getting ready for a big event, like a show or a studio sale, I throw so much time and effort into it that when the event is over, I have no creative discipline for weeks afterward. Which, of course, is a problem.


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