Filling in the Bubbles

We're all bona fide here on the ole Cart now! We vote by mail here in Oregon, that's why we don't have to wait for tomorrow's official Election Day.

Not to be all bossy or anything, but please don't tell me who you voted for. Wasn't there a time in the not so distant past that people could have differing opinions on this and not get all crazy?  Then again, maybe that's just selective memory on my part. Either way, that doesn't seem to be the case right now. I'm finding the political atmosphere so stressful this year! Worse than ever before. I can only imagine how much more stressful it would be if I were to subject myself to television, with its non-stop incendiary political talk and ridiculous campaign ads inundating the airwaves. I'm hoping people will simmer the heck down after Tuesday, but I kinda doubt it. I promise not to call you mean names, no matter whom you support. Hope you can do the same. I think there is way more common ground here than we are lead to believe.


  1. I feel like you read my thoughts. I'm sooooo with you on the over-saturation of politics on TV and everywhere else I turn. I know everyone is very tense about this election. I too voted by mail. Love it.

  2. No voting by mail over here - sigh - but I did do the early voting. And I am in total agreement, Jo! Politics & spiritual beliefs are both VERY private things. I support my choice of candidates by casting a VOTE for them! I LIVE my spiritual beliefs. I don't like conflict and avoid it at all costs. So I will say only this, "It's GREAT (and RIGHT) that we voted!" LOOOOVE YOU! (Yes, you too, Dylan! LOL!)

  3. I didn't realize that Oregon was vote by mail. My husband and I have been absentee ballot voters (in California) for many years now simply because at one point we were traveling quite a bit. Now it's just super convenient to not have to be home on a certain date. And I totally agree with you, it'll be nice after this election not to have to listen to the ads anymore.

    I love the two stuffed heads!! Haven't you also made an Uncle Sam before?


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