Something-New Saturday

Today's something-new is actually 12 trick-or-treaters! 
I'm still putting the finishing touches on them, but they should be ready for the shop this evening. Here they are so far,  filling my worktable with cuteness--

There were a lot of steps involved in making these little trick-or-treaters. It's so good to see my idea finally come to life! I started them all back in July. You can see their beginnings here

After the initial designing, drawing, paper-cutting, gluing, and painting bits, the computer part started. Everybody had to be scanned and fussed with, then the file of the kids-underneath-the-masks was sent to Spoonflower and printed. Then we waited for that to come back. When it did, I realized that the background was too dark to be able to move on to the next step. So more computer stuff, sent it again, waited for it to come back. In the meantime, the computerized masks parts were brought to a local printer, but they weren't a good format, so back to the computer, sent them again. Nope, still not good. Third time was the charm. But our local printer doesn't have the right equipment to print the way we want, so he sent them to another printer, and we waited for them to come back. 

Finally, all the parts were here in our hands! So Dylan did the sewing bits, which was harder than either of us thought. Apparently, it's an especially challenging shape. Then he turned them right side out, stuffed them with fluff, and stitched up the tiny openings. I cut out the wee little masks, then stitched elastic thread through them and tied it in the back. Now I just have to add their little hangy loops and they'll be ready for their photo shoot!  Everybody gets their picture taken (usually at least 10 times so that we can choose the best) and the pictures get edited. Then I  make the listings, and they're finally ready to be presented to the world. 

Several hours later. . .
They're here.


  1. Wow-- what a huge amount of work! They are lovely though :)

  2. Love how those look and the size, would be so fun to have them on a halloween tree.


  3. Wow I have just stumbled on your blog from pinterest and have had a most enjoyable time looking through your art work. I will be back with a cuppa to look at more when I have more time, so much to see.. Love the pumpkin with the garlic wheels.. Sandy :)

  4. They are so funny!especially cats..)))


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