Something-New Sunday

More printed and stuffed goodies!
Dylan likes this batch best, probably because they're a little more manly than his usual assignments. (Well, except for a couple of the cuter kitties up there.)
They're available in our shop now.


Hope you're all having a lovely Labor Day weekend! Boy Kid is off at the beach spending time with grandparents and friends before he starts back to school. In his absence, Dylan and I have reverted to some sort of pre-kid state of being. Staying up til all hours, ignoring dirty dishes, arty shenanigans on every available surface, indulging in midnight cravings for spicy chicken wings. . . Apparently, having our kids around is the only thing that has kept us somewhat civilized all these years. What will become of us once Boy Kid graduates?? I'm imagining some sort of Altered States scenario. It's scary, really.


  1. Lots of fun pieces, love the vintage kitty designs.
    I have some fabric with some vintage kitties, time I used it.


  2. Anonymous9/03/2012

    LOVE all the new Halloween goodies! You are so lucky to hve a hubby well versed on the sewing machine :) My hubby and I are up to the same shenanigans with our girl now in her senior year. There's definitely a lot more late night ice cream and crazy adventures. Nice to know we don't just get old!

  3. Oh me, oh my! Your "shenanigans" sound awesome! Have fun you two kids! Love these new stuffed goodies. More Halloween goodness! Whoo hoo!

  4. These are just lovely! Especially the skeleton ones, so cool!


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