Today's Table (In the Works)

Yesterday morning's table-- 
The aftermath of a marathon of creativity.

This morning's table-- 
What are those strange little gingerbread people you ask? I'm not telling yet.

Today I'm finishing the painting part on all the rest of these paper bits. I have plans for them, yes I do. Hopefully there will be 24 when all is said and done, right now there are only 12. I'm trying to reign myself in. 
Too many ideas, not enough hours in a day. 


  1. OMG, these are absolutely awesome. I like them very much.

  2. These look like fun! Hmm..24 eh? Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  3. Anonymous7/16/2012

    Such a devious mug on that cat! Can't wait to see what mischief is brewing!

  4. When photographed, your table is usually so immaculately neat. I'm glad to see there's some messiness to your creativity. Heeheeheee. They look great. And I'd guess you're somehow getting ready for all the fall holidays: Halloween (my favorite) and Christmas! Lovely!

    1. Melissa- That's because I usually take pictures BEFORE the madness ensues :) And I try to clean up every night before bed so I get to wake up to a fresh palette.

  5. Anonymous7/16/2012

    oh my gosh...how fun are you...halloween in July...love it!!!!

  6. "Too many ideas, not enough hours in a day. " Amen Sister! you make it look effortless, though, to just pop out amazingness everyday.


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