Today's Table and 39

This morning's table isn't too very full of To-Do's. Several special orders in the works including a Not-So-Tiny Raggedy who is about twice the size of our usual Tiny Raggedy, and a bunny couple who I'm kinda in love with already. 
Also, that Peggy Angel is getting a couple of extra accessories. Here's a before picture of one of them. I'll be back tomorrow with an after picture (if all goes according to plan).

In other news. . .
I had a birthday yesterday! I turned 39. Doesn't that sound like a fake age? Like I'm really 47 and just saying I'm 39? But no, I really am 39. So grown-up! Time flies when you're having fun. We had a little celebration on Sunday with streamers and pink lollipops and adorable cupcakes and such, but I totally forgot to take any pictures. Maybe next year.


  1. Happy Birthday Jo, me too.

    So Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us....

    I hope you had as good a time as I did. I am now 44, and growing up disgracefully.

    Have a virtual hug and kiss from another on the cusp Piscean. xoxoxo

  2. Happy 39th! love your bunny dolls!

  3. Hope it brings you sunshine memories for the whole year! Happy Birthday :)

  4. Can you believe I FORGOT to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday??? Duh! And you KNOW I remembered. Sigh. Unlike YOU, I AM old. Or, as my best friend's hubby used to say, "We are getting old & cruddy!" LOL! I'm GLAD you had a good day, lil' Jo. Despite my lapsing memory, I love you to pieces!

  5. Happy Birthday, Jo :) may you be blessed with many more

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Got my Alice necklace today, I LOVE IT. Thank you so much!!!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Wish all your dreams to come true!!!! From Ukraine with love))
    P.S.I'm kinda in love with your bunny couple too!!! Those are REALLY interesting!


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