After, and Some Bunnies

I just finished a little custom bunny couple and they turned out mighty fine (if I do say so myself), 
and it occurred to me that maybe you'd like your very own customized bunny couple too.

So just for our beloved blog-readers, we're making a limited number of them to be personalized by you.
You get to pick their fur color, eye color, and two colors for their coordinating outfits. 
We'll bring them to life!

Finished bunnies are 8 inches tall, and cost $160 for the set.
Just email us at DylanCurry@msn.com to purchase.

Oh, and here's yesterday's before-picture's promised after-picture:
I'm feeling more Springtimey already!


  1. Gosh, those are CUTE!!!! If I HAD $$ I'd buy EVERYTHING you & Dylan create! I hope you know I really MEAN that! LOOOOOVE YOU!

  2. ...I love them. And I love that lil' basket. :o)

    ...Now I'm feeling a lil' Springtimey myself - thank you for that! ;o)


  3. soooooooooooo cute!!

  4. I love da bunnies!! :)


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