Sage Advice

Just a little reminder. 
Sometimes I need reminding of this. Oftentimes, as a matter of fact. 
Taking advice from an anthropomorphic talking cat 
in a stripy stovepipe hat is always a good idea.

("Oftentimes" is such a Dr. Seuss word, don't you think?)


  1. Anonymous2/20/2012

    Yes, good advice.

  2. Ha ha, I was trying to explain this very sentiment to my 17 year old nephew the other day, The Cat in The Hat put it so much better ;o)

  3. I need this reminder tattooed. :)

  4. My Kaku (grandmother) used to tell people, "SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY!" I asked her if that was a Comanche belief. She told me, "It's just common sense." I STILL tend to say what I mean & mean what I say! And obviously, Dr. Seuss had some good old common sense, too! LOVE this post! (And YOU, lil' Jo!)

  5. This quote is what I mean when I say BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.

  6. ...Amen that. ;o)

    ...And I dunno when the last time I saw the word, "oftentimes". I even did a double-take at that one as I read your post. I like it. :o)

    ...Thank you for the reminder. I needed that.

    ...Enjoy your day!



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