Today's Table

Made some headway on Alice and company over the past couple of days.
It's always fun to work on something new! 

These wolfy twins are well on their separate ways now, one to nearby Washington and one to faraway Finland. I couldn't help but snap a picture of them before sending them along though. Little Red's gonna miss them. She had them quite well trained. I think she has some sort of super treats in that basket of hers.


  1. какая красота!!!

  2. ...Lovely. Just lovely.

    ...As always. ;o)

    ...Have a great weekend!

    ...Blessings :o)

  3. love it all, as usual!

  4. I love Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum! You've captured them perfectly! Wishing you a sunny and fun filled weekend.

  5. The Queen of Hearts is gorgeous!!! :)

  6. I love to see what you'll come up with next! Your creations are so beautiful and inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Everything ON that table is AAAAAAMAZING! Love those wolves, and they DO look very docile there on either side of Red! The Queen? SUPERB! I don't recall having seen you make one of her before. Have you? At any rate, she's just royally splendid! And who WOULDN'T adore the Tweedles? You are something special, Jo! If I were to give you a name in my Comanche language, I'd give you Tsa-wa-ke (sounds somewhat like Ssssah-WAH'-kay) which (loosely translated) means Looking for Something Good. It equates to a VERY special person!

  8. I'm loving the new set!! What a dashing rabbit in his pin striped suit! You are both so talented and I always love to see what you'll be working on next!

  9. All very pretty! Love the wolves :-)

  10. Finland! Hey Wolfie, you're very welcome! Just remember to put lots of clothes, it's freezing out here :D


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