And now for something completely different. . .

I took a little break from my regularly scheduled artyness this weekend in order to help Boy Kid with a project for his Winter Percussion program. This year's theme is Year of the Dragon, so naturally they wanted to do dragony props, including a big design on their floor. This is the design we came up with-
Figuring out how to project it onto the floor was tricky. It was a team effort with much trial and error. And heights. Really frickin' high heights. See that tall metal thingy in the back? That's one of his instructors sitting all scrunched up on top of that thing. The projector is strapped to a ladder. He went up and down in that thing several times before we got it right. 
Fast forward an hour and a half, success!
First the kids traced everything. . .
. . .then commenced to painting, color-by-number style.  
Painty, painty, painty. . .
. . .end of day one!
The next morning they added silver and just did touch ups to any messy bits.

It turned out so cool! The kids are very proud of their work and really excited about their show. It's always wonderful spending extra time with Boy Kid, and he can paint really well! And the kids were all so nice. Anybody who has a negative view of today's teenagers would change their mind after spending a little time with this group. Next weekend we're making flags and these big panel things. Wheee!

Now. . .back to our regularly scheduled art.


  1. That is fantastic. Didn't they make a fabulous job of the painting.

    ps the egg I was sitting on hatched:


    I think the queen of hearts is great, I can see her eyeing me from the post below whilst I type.

  2. They really did a beautiful job on it, they should be proud.


  3. That is fantastic! It looks great. Congrats, kiddos! :)

  4. OMG! You guys did a FABULOUS job! That looks terrific, Jo! And teenagers? I LOVE 'EM! People tell me I'm crazy but I think teens rock! By the way, expect a UPS delivery Friday. (Grin.)

  5. That turned out great. Don't you love helping kids create. I love to have craft days with teens.


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