Today's Table

Here are some snaps from this morning's worktable. Cirque kitty is heading to Detroit today. The wolfy twins are drawn but waiting on paint, and the owl is painted but waiting on shading (and feet and wings, of course). As soon as they're done I get to (finally) turn my attention back to the cast of Wonderland! That bowling pin looking thing will become the queen. I know she looks rather unintimidating in her undies, but she'll be a real handful by the time she's done. 

What silliness are you up to today?


  1. Jo, it's ALWAYS such fun visiting you! We've had just a TERRIBLE day here weatherwise (better now - FINALLY) but your blog was a fresh breeze! I love your wolfies - I'm a BIG fan of wolves! - and your entire assemblage of critters is WONDERFUL! Hope you get to hurry back to Wonderland soooooon! Hugs!

  2. Anonymous1/25/2012

    I am making Paper dolls, and dress forms!! Kids aren't
    t the only ones who are allowed to play!!

  3. I'm hatching an unusual egg and playing Grendel's mother!

  4. ух тыыыыы! какая прелесть!

  5. You're work is truly delightful and inspiring.


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