Today's Table (In the Works)

A bunch of ready-to-go stuff is sitting on the table this morning, waiting to be tucked safely into their cardboard vessels and launched out into the world. (They actually have brethren that are already packed away for their voyages, but Dylan ran out of packing supplies so he's at the store right now rounding up some more.)

I've been happily working on a bunch of new designs too.
My brain is kinda all over the place. So many ideas! I keep wanting to start more and more and more. . .but then the whole self-discipline thing kicks in so I make myself finish what I've started before moving on. I have unwritten rules that I try to stick with (like, no more than 10 unfinished new pieces at a time) in order to maintain some sort of control over the creative beast that lives within.


  1. Lot of fun pieces, but of course I love the kitty, my brain is fixated on cats, lol.


  2. they all look so delicious!! do you use the flat rate boxes or how else do you pack them???

  3. I'm glad someone can live by those rules...my rule is to make myself say no more...yes involves work...and here i thought no was hard to say...saying yes involved the most difficulties ha ha.
    Love your dolls..are they exhibition works or are they off to get sold?

  4. Lovely creative working being shipped to some lucky people. I limit myself to three or four at a time and I have to finish at least two of those before I can start a new one. Grrr...

  5. Ooooooh! You KNOW Kai loves all these Halloweenies! Nothing like whimsical, fun creatures to invoke serious smiling! HUGS!


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