Today's Line-up

Here's who's greeting me this morning-
Most of them just want final details, but Skelly Lady (who is currently sans head) in the back is insisting upon a bow-tied beau. I'm on track to have them all done by Sunday.

Meanwhile, our car broke (again) and we've finally resigned ourselves to the fact that the old girl has to be put out to pasture. It's not so bad not having a car most days. Dylan rides his electric bike all over the place. But sometimes I'd like to leave the house too. Wish us luck finding a new-to-us set of wheels. We both hate car shopping. It would be much more fun if we were rich instead of so damn good looking ;) So far we haven't found anyone willing to trade a car for pumpkin heads.


  1. Lol...rich over looks? hmmm...
    I will wish you good luck in finding a car...and can't wait to see how your Mr Pumpkins turn out!


  2. Looks like a wonderful group of characters for the season.


  3. OMG! I love them all! "if we were rich instead of so damn good looking" hahahah, cracked me up! I'll have to use that line myself. :) Good luck on the car hunt.

  4. I'm loving all of the Halloween folks and critters! Best of luck with car shopping. I feel for you. Its ever worse than shopping for bras.

  5. I look forward to seeing the finished piece! (Though it's also lovely to see it at it's creative beginning.) and good luck to you guys finding a reliable set of wheels :-)

  6. All very cool... Love the little cat, it will be very cute!

  7. Здорово! Так нравится наблюдать за тем, что Вы делаете! Спасибо!


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