Something-New Sunday

I've got that Oingo Boingo song from the 80s stuck in my head. Know the one I'm talking about? Anyway, here's why-
 It's a toothy rainbow of skellies! We had fabric made from those skelly designs that I made a couple of weeks ago. Then we took that fabric and cut it and sewed it and stuffed it and added arms and legs and a little loop and. . . Ta-dah!
It's a party!
I've been hanging them all over the house. They're quite friendly.
You can get your very own here.


  1. I have no idea which song you are talking about and I'm not clicking on the link either. It sounds the type to stick in my head and stay up with me until THREE IN THE MORNING (and don't mention 'Galumph Said the Little Green Frog' either).

    J'adore the skellies. (needless to say).

  2. You are my kind of girl! I love that song! No Halloween without it! Love, love your work!

  3. Yep, leave your body at the door!


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