Taking Stock

Still organizing and editing in all my spare moments. Today it was paint inventory. I must've thrown away half of these because they were either empty or really old. And seriously, I had 11 bottles of my favorite shade of red, and 9 bottles of turquoise. Apparently I pick one up every time I go out just in case I'm running low. I've gotta get a better system.

And finished a little something I made for Dylan's birthday coming up in a couple of days. But I can't show you yet, just in case he peeks. So I'll show you College Girl's latest artiness instead. . .


  1. I SO know what you mean with finding a better system for your studio. The same thing happens to me! lol Love your daughter's work!
    ~ Deb

  2. Your paint organizing is worse than mine...I thought I was the only whack-o that did that!! LOL In Jan. of this year, I decided to organize my studio....my mother even presented me with see-through plastic bins for my mish-mash of stuff. However, even though I labeled, alphabetized, filed, etc, I still am finding my way through my organized chaos...can't find a darn thing!! LOL

    I truly believe in the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I should have followed my own advise!! LOL

  3. Oh, my! I love, love, love the altered photo with the outlet heads.

    I like your blog.

  4. love the outlet heads too!! would make a great birthday card....all blowing out the candles...

  5. Hi Jo!! Whoa, nice collages!!

    I have the same problem with the paint. I moved to a new place and the room where I store them is much warmer in the summer. So unfortunately, I lost a lot of paint. As long as I don't lose my liquitex tubes (Those are what I refer to as "the big guns"!)

    BTW...been seeing your work on Pinterest...all nice and linked to your Etsy store. It's good free advertising!


  6. I love your daughter's work. She is very talented! And I, too, pick up bottles of paint every single time I go to the craft store. It's even worse if the paint is on sale! LOL! Happy tidying! I am trying to do the same. xo Pam


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