Today's Table and Hot Air

A pretty little winged scene sits on today's worktable.

My sweet Dylan's birthday is tomorrow. He's been loving cut paper silhouettes lately, so I wanted to make him one. Using this gorgeous image. . .

. . .I was inspired to make this for him.
J ♥ D
I still have to frame it up today. (I hope he'll like it.) 
For his extra special birthday dinner he wants chipped beef on biscuits. 
He's an odd hobo of a man.


  1. I must be an odd sort of lady, I love chipped beef on toast, lol. Beautiful cutting, haven't done one in ages.


  2. My 21 year old daughter can eat chipped beef like a truck driver - yet she's 5'10" and maybe 120#. From here on out I'm dropping the "truck driver" reference - "hobo" sounds more endearing. Lovely paper cut balloon!

  3. Gorgeous paper cutting!

    I think the dollies are admiring the new art on the wall. :)

  4. What's chipped beef? (English, living in Arkansas)


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