Spring Cleaning and a Retirement Party

One of the joys of Spring is the annual clearing out of the past year's accumulations. It's a time to not only tackle the dust bunnies that have bred all rabbit-like in every forgotten nook and cranny, but to edit and organize. To put wayward piles of photos in albums. To address the messy pile of ephemera that seems to be growing on the kitchen counter. To alphabetize and label (or is that just me?) I like to stay pretty organized as a general rule (at least in my artist life), but my studio upgrade-in-progress has me doing an extra thorough editing of all the arty going-ons. What do I use on a daily basis? Why are there pipe cleaners in 10 different places? What's with all the pipe cleaners anyway? Do I really need to have a whole box dedicated to 7 thumb tacks, a bit of glitter, and a Pez dispenser?? What is this thing and why do I have it?
It's also a time for redecorating. wheeee! Not necessarily anything too spendy or time consuming, just a shifting around of the objects that become an expression of Home. Are you surrounded by objects that reflect who inhabits your space? I mean, that was awful nice of Aunt Suzy to knit you a zig-zaggy afghan in all the colors of beef stew, but do you really want it front and center? Or maybe it should retire, tucked away in a nice closet to be pulled out when Aunt Suzy visits, and be replaced with that gorgeous quilt you've had your eye on. 
And so. . .
I thought Spring
in all it's editorial gloriousness,
might just be the perfect time to retire some of last year's pieces.
If you've had you eye on any of these objects, get it while the gettin's good. Because after April 30th we're putting them out to pasture. We put them in their own section of our Etsy shop here.


  1. These are beautiful I can't wait to see some new stuff you get up to in your new studio. :)

  2. Come and see me for a reward! http://colibrinka.blogspot.com/

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful works of art. I look forward to seeing the next round of beauties!


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