Previously Unfinished Objects

Made the first batch of new stuff on the new table! And what better way to break in a new table than with an old project? Started this one a long time ago (like more than a year), and finally finished it. One less UFO (Un-Finished Object) cluttering up the place.
I like it!
I know just where it'll go in my new improved studio space.

The studio upgrade is chugging along. I'm just waiting on my shelves to come so I can paint them, so I can fill them with stuff, so I can be done. In the meantime I'm amusing myself with other things. I did remember to take before pictures, but I'm holding on to them until the big reveal.


  1. This reminds me of a penny rug, but with a modern twist. Very cool!

  2. This is very beautiful, I like all the colors, it makes a statement and what better then o your new table!

  3. Wow! Either that's the biggest, most colorful pepperoni pizza I've ever seen, or its something else. Is it a table runner, rug, cushion, quilt or wall hanging? Whatever it is, it's stunning!

  4. Jo.... I LOVE your finished UFO project I just might have to
    make myself one of those!!!!

  5. Wow, this is stunning. Really love it.

    I'm about to banish UFOs myself and stumble across your blog whilst surfing the topic.

    I'll be back


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