The Shape of Things

It's all about the circles today.
I've been playing with that big circle circus of a painty quilt for quite awhile now, in my off hours. I haven't yet figured out what color the background will be, so it has been pushed aside til inspiration strikes.
Got some circular happiness in the mail too! Tiny wooden wheels and lots of old white buttons were found on ebay; and imagine my delight when I won a prize from Julie over at My Curious Tea Party and it turned out to be buttons! Can't wait to add them to my collection.
So many circle-covered possiblities!


  1. I love your jars of many colored buttons...such fun!

  2. Me LOOOOOOVES buttons! LOL! I've collected them since I was - gasp - TEN! Also love your painty-quilt! What CAN'T you do, lil' Jo? You are utterly AWESOME! HUGS!

  3. Love the button jars. I collect all of the buttons I find on the jackets, I cut up. With my obnoxious cats, glass is not an option;)


  4. Oh, I wanna play! I wanna play! That looks like a blast. Do you listen to music while you work?

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  6. I too love your button jars!
    What a novel idea, to put all the same colors together rather than having to dump the whole jar each time to reach the right color! LOL!

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  8. OOOOOOOOOOH! That circly painty quilty thingy is GOBSMACKING GORGEOUSNESS in the making! Somewhat overawed by the colour-coded button jars...


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