Little Round Stickers for You and Me

I made up a bunch of stickers yesterday.
Or maybe it was the day before. I get confused.
We wanted a little something to include with purchases. 
They turned out so cute, I wanna stick them everywhere!

Anyway, here are some for you-

Just click and print on sticker paper (you can find in at an office supply store). Stick 'em on your cards, or your homework, or your friend, or your nose, or your friend's nose. . . Just don't go selling them, that wouldn't be cool.

Hope you're all having a just-right day.


  1. Thank you!... they're fab, I do love your work....one day I'm going to buy a piece!

  2. Thank you! Those are awesome.

  3. These are awesome..... love your work.... puts a smile on my face!

    Thanks for sharing the stickers!

  4. Thank you very much!!!!

  5. Round stickers are best, but other shapes will work too- if there is a border around the image, you can just trim it off with cuticle scissors.


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