Before, After, a Squirrel, and lots of Parentheses

I've been meaning to give this very old bunny a make-over for awhile now. You can't tell too much from this before picture, but he's got some water damage. Plus, I'm tired of brown. So I popped out his wee little eyes (which I was happily surprised to discover were glass), gave him a couple of coats of paint as a primer (that old paper pulp really sucks up paint), and gave him a new bright yellow outfit. (Told you I craved yellow this time of year.)

 Here he is meeting Chameleon and Hedgehog (both of which are my son's doings) -

And here's a little friend that seems to like to watch me work in the studio. (Until my dog, Tuzy the Wonderfluff,  inevitably discovers him and triumphantly chases him off.)


  1. Blogger seems to be having issues :(

  2. I love yellow, but then, I love all bright colours...must be the Mexican in me!! LOL

    Love your little friend in the tree. I had one living in my storage shed last year and drove my little Chihuahuas crazy...was really quite entertaining to see him/her tease my little Senor Cacahuate and Maya. Big windows in one's studio is really quite inspirational!! LOL


  3. The bunny seems HOPPIER with its new color! Tre'nice!

  4. Love him, I am craving all color. No more winter!

  5. ...You posted squirrel photos. I just want you to be aware of that. :P Juss kidding! Looove you!

  6. I live in a yellow house with a yellow kitchen. I learned that from my Dad. My Mom said he would paint every room yellow if she would let him. I understand. Dark, gloomy days are tolerable when you get to see yellow. Mr/Ms Squirrel is posing, hoping to inspire you to create its likeness into one of your pieces of art.:)


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