The Kind of Math I Like

Wood + Jigsaw = House shape

 3 x Layers of Cardboard + Scissors + Hot Glue = Shelves

Rice Paper Strips + White Glue x 3 layers = Paper Mache

Acrylic Paint = Base Coat

More Paint + Stain = A new home for something little.


  1. You're right! It all adds up!
    And furthermore, I am thinking I could handle this kind of math.
    Q: Did you paper mache the entire shelf... ? wait, I see in the bigger picture, you did.
    A: You are a genius.

  2. Wonderful shelf for your little things, great idea.


  3. How on EARTH did you think that up, lil' Jo? Brilliant girl, you are! And that is really not looking TOOOOOO hard ... hmmmm! (Except I don't suppose I should play with jigsaws. Last time I did, I cut a big old chunk out of the dining room table. Ooops!)Maybe I'll just admire YOUR shelf!

  4. I love your math and I think this would make a great shelf for my little mans small things. Thank you for such an inspiring blog! :)

  5. What a mathmetician you are!! Love the shelf!

  6. oh how cool is this!!!


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