Oh, the weather outside is frightful. . .

. . .but this space heater is so delightful!

Frosty air puts me in a holly jolly mood.
More Christmassy goodness-

You can see more of them
(and lots of other stuff) in our Etsy shop.

Now you'll have to excuse me while I add another layer of clothes to my already-bundled self. 
Hope you're all snug as bugs.


  1. I love your new pieces, really beautifully done and so original. I have a few old santa books with patterns, I was thinking of trying some by painting them on fabric. Seems I have too many projects to do this season;)


  2. such beautiful work, the details are amazing :)

  3. All dolls are very beautiful!!! I like them so much!!!

  4. A holly-jolly and generous mood!
    Many thanks from LBO, who sends warm wishes!

  5. Love them all especially the owls.

  6. Your new set of characters are fantastic! I soooo love the angel! And the owls!

  7. They are Christmasy-marvelous, Jo! I am in LOVE with the pink/green/white Santa! And the open-armed snowpeople? Sigh! I'd HUG 'em if I weren't afraid I'd MELT them! LOL! Hugs to YOU today!

  8. ...You're so stinkin' awesome and so are these creations! ;o)

    ...I love 'em all!

    ...And lucky you with the weather! We're having 60-70 degree days here in Missouri...I like dismal, cold days just so I can sit in my sewing room and sew all day and not feel like "ooo, I really should be doing this outside or doing that outside"...I'm good at that. :o\

    ...I would love to learn to paint. I recently purchased a "how to paint" book, so intimidating!

    ...Enjoy your weekend and blessings too... :o)

  9. I usually get humbug about too many Christmas ornaments too early, but those snow men and that snow princess are just tooooo cute! I actually said "ahhh".

    Great as usual.

  10. Just love all of these Jo!!

    Love, love, love them!

    So maybe we will be getting some snow starting tomorrow! One can hope!


  11. Thank you again for sharing Betty's giveaway on your lovely blog. I included some of the wonderful things you have going on here in a post today.

  12. These are absolutely amazing!

  13. Love the white pallette and the owls are divine! I love a snowy christmasy OWL!! Stay warm and keep going!

  14. Well, I was going to paint some owls but after seeing yours I'm not sure I have the heart any more - they are perfection! I'm very jealous :)

    Love love love your work.

  15. Love them all but the owls are my favorite! Beautiful!


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