I'm finishing up next week's batch of goodies today.
Here's where they started this morning-
They're all dressed and ready for me to draw and paint their little faces, except for the clay pieces. They're in their dipped-in-chocolate phase.
Today I get to paint them up and bring them to life.
Not a bad way to spend the day

When I get to spend enough time working on Friday (my longest workday of the week), my Saturdays are lovely and leisurely, spent running small errands, doing little chores around the house, spending time with the kidlettes (when they're here, which isn't very often anymore now that they're teenagers), all while adding finishing touches. La, la, la! Happy happy, painty painty!

When I don't get to spend Friday working, it's another story altogether. A scary story in which everything takes too long, and impending deadlines lurk large and ominous just beyond the horizon. **cue threatening horror movie music**

Hope you're all having the lovely and leisurely kind of Saturday.


  1. Jo- Your consistent creativity and quality and new ideas just blows my mind. Truly!! One of these days I'm going to be a winner and snag one of your fabulous pieces. :-)

  2. I can't wait to see the cloud when it's finished.

  3. I love your work ethic........you need to bottle it and sell it. Wonderful pieces...as usual....but I swear I am not taking you for granted!

  4. Wow, I think you are a very good artist!!! congratulations

  5. All this while, I hadn't even the slightest inkling there was a 'dipped in chocolate phase'...

  6. How I would love to have a set of wings. Or perhaps, I could have a cloud head and go rain on people who annoy me. Beautiful as always!!!

  7. Oh how I'd love to stop by and watch you work. What creative lovelies!!!

  8. I have to say I like the dipped in chocolate look... it also makes me hungry LOL. :)

  9. A good friend of mine sent me the link to your blog & since I first visited, I haven't been able to create a THING. Why???? Because I am WAAAAAAY too busy coming over HERE every spare second & going back to every post you've written so I can droooooooool over your amazing, innovative, and MARVELOUS art! WOW! Not to MENTION you are hysterically funny! The former teacher in me is so tempted to give you a big red A+!!!! Oh, phooey! Once a teacher, ALWAYS a teacher! YOU DOOOOO get an A+! LOVE YOUR WORK, LOVE YOUR BLOG!


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