It's 4:00 in the afternoon, and a beautiful sunny day here on the Oregon Coast. I've been playing/working on the latest batch of goods. Yesterday I got everybody (almost) base painted and I started on 2 paper mache goodies.
Can you tell what this one is going to be?
He is a bit of a departure for me since I relied heavily on a stuffed cloth armature. Can you do that? Apparently, yes.☺ I built up muzzle and ears over the cloth using matte board, then covered everything with my favorite paper mache recipe. After drying overnight, I was pleased with my lightweight and flexible support structure.
Today, I'm doing the paperclay bits.
He's starting to look like something!
I'm not a huge fan of waiting for things to dry, so I stuck him in a warm oven to rush the first couple layers of clay. He's on his third go-around now, sitting on a fan, awaiting final scultpty details (like a nose). How does he smell?
You can still see some of the darker paper mache bits
peeking out here and there.
I've been working on his cloudy friend as well. He has a more traditional armature-- made of styrofoam, wood, and bits of aluminum foil. Here the unfinished pair sits, waiting for lips.
I'll work on them again after dinner, after they've had a chance to dry some more. Speaking of dinner, I've got plenty of "help" in the kitchen this week.
This well-meaning witch keeps trying to turn things into love potions, but really just sorta burns stuff. The most useful thing she does is to give things a stir with her staff.
Still, she's worlds more helpful this this guy. He just stands around impatiently, tapping his foot. Honestly, I don't know what he's a such a hurry for, he doesn't eat anything at all. And then there's this pesty pair. One of them keeps sneaking red pepper into everything, likes it extra spicy. I can't figure out which one of them is guilty though. They both keep blaming each other.
Tonight I'm making super nachos
and strawberry-lemonade smoothies. Yummy!
Then it's back to the clay.
What are you having?


  1. Strawberry smoothies please! Sounds delicious! I'm sure it's the devil causing all the problems. He's usually the culprit!

  2. I always enjoy seeing what new creations you are working on. I love the angel piece.


  3. More favorites for me.........the skeleton, the witch.....love the two feuding friends......If I could have a tattoo skeleton bracelet......I would love you to draw it. Just have to convince my husband God wants people to have tattoos. Love love love your work and their stories.

  4. Sadly, your dinner is much more appealing then my own. The best thing about mine will be the fresh pot of coffee. Sigh...LOL.


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