Fun with Business Cards and Cleaning Out the Pantry

I've been wanting to figure out a way to make business cards more useful. Oh sure, they're great when you need to balance a wobbly table or throw away your chewing gum, but I wanted them to be even more useful than all that.
So I made them into little notebooks. Tah-dah! Aren't they cute? Perfect for those moments when you need to write something down.

Here's how I made them, just in case you want to make some of your very own handy dandy business card notebooks.

-First I cut 5 pieces of scrap paper into 2" x 7" strips, folded them in half, and stapled in the middle.

-Then I cut a cardstock scrap 2" x 4", folded on side over 1/2", and put double stick tape like the picture shows.

-Third, I stuck the folded stapled paper part to the cardstock, leaving the folded edge up.

-Lastly, I stuck a business card on tap and folded down that sticky edge. Done!

I made a gazillion of them, thinking they'd be sweet to tuck in packages.
The backs are cute too!
And while I was on a repurposed-business-card kick, I made a bunch more into little gift tags. I just cut the corners off one side, folded over and glued a bit of colored cardstock where I wanted the hole, and punched said hole. Easy peasy.
Feeling mighty productive, I decided to clean out the pantry.
We always have the last little bit of several cereal boxes, crusts of bread, old crackers, and stale stuff that I wait for a sunny day to gather up. Why? Because I like to give it to the seagulls, of course. Dylan and I have made it a tradition on sunny pantry-cleaning days. I snapped some pictures while I was at it. The wind was just right and the gulls hung over us beautifully.
I'm afraid I'm a bit behind on my real work now, but at least I have pretty stacks of altered business cards and seagull pictures to show for it.


  1. That was the coolest ideas, and easy steps. How awesome...Thank you...

    Sonia ;)

  2. I'm going to use your ideas if you don't mind. What great ideas for all those business cards and cute little gifts to go with sells. I know what I'm doing this week-end. Thanks!

  3. totally doin this...someday!

  4. :-o
    What a SUPER clever idea!! Thanks so much for sharing.
    (FAB seagull picture, too!)

  5. You my dear are the queen of crafting ideas! lol And look! It's Jonathan Livingston Seagull!!! I want to come live with you Joee..........=o) You'll take me in......won't ya? ;o)

    Hugs, Lorikins

  6. Great idea. Then they will use them and remember your name.


  7. VERY clever and so cute!! Excellent thinking...

  8. Fantastic and easy. I have something similar but yours is by far superior... it must be something in the water up there! lol.
    Am really loving your site these days. So much life and fun!

  9. I love ideas like this, I know on Etsy lots of people do a similar idea with matchbooks but this really is great!
    Business cards are so boring on their own and just get chucked away, so this is a fab idea!

    Micki x

  10. What a neat idea!!! Gotta give it a try. Thanks for the tutorial!!

  11. I like the little notepads, they look like flip books we had when we were little.

  12. STOOOOOOOOOPPPPP! Take a breath, please! - all this efficiency and it's the weekend. Mighty fine business card notions though - thank you for the 'inspire'!

  13. Great idea on the little notebooks! You are so clever!

  14. What a very cool idea...thanks for posting this and sharing with us! Have a great weekend!

  15. Definitely trying those little books! You're so creative Jo!

  16. How very clever of you! And such wonderfully simple steps! I too mah have to give this a try!

    Totally loving that seagull shot!

  17. What cute ideas for business cards! I especially like the hang tags--they're adorable.


  18. There's going to be a lot of copycatting now. What a great business card idea. And these little notebooks will be even handier for those wobbly tables.

  19. Love the idea for the business card notebook. I'm definitely going to be trying this!

  20. Aren't you clever! what a great idea! Yup! I'm stealing it, too. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I LOVE your idea! I am going to use my Stampin Up! Papers and create a bunch!
    thanks for your tutorial!

  22. These steps are so easy and make it easy to follow...Do you have some Clear business cards to share?


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