Conjoined Pandas and Kosher Wolves

Here's the batch we cooked up this week. . .
These panda puffs of conjoined cuteness are my favorite.
(Shhh, don't tell the others! They mutiny when favoritism is suspected.)
I love Pandas. They're just too cute to be real!
My eldest got a panda from a friend when she was born. When she became mobile it became her constant companion. Pandy (justly named when she could speak) has been on many misadventures, and would benefit us all by taking a trek to the washing machine. I'm also loving this not-so-big, not-so-bad wolf. Oh sure, he acts all tough, but I saw him sneaking cookies to the three little pigs when nobody was looking. And I'm pretty sure he's Kosher. This little cutie is sweet as could be, but it's a good thing she has a tight grip on that naughty little bird. I know what you're thinking, "How much trouble could he get in? After all he's only an inch big!" Well, I'll spare you the details, but my poor fluffy dog is riddled with tiny nests. And count yourself lucky if you've never woken up to a feathered fiend trying to tunnel into your nostril.
This silly group only says one thing:
. . . . . . .
Here's a hexagonal update for all of you following my latest frivolity.
I've cut and pressed enough little bits for 40 flowers. That's 280 bits!
(But who's counting? Me, that's who!)
I got a bunch of flowers sewed together while waiting for soccer practices to be over and soccer games to end, and more while sitting around in the evenings, watching movies and stuff. Here's what the bottoms look like all stitched up (by hand, mind you). It's really quite addicting. . . . What's your latest frivolity?


  1. These are just all so fabulous! I don't know which one I like better, the pandas or the wolf, and, I really like the exuberance of the three dancey pants figures! You are SO creative! My latest frivolity - well, I tried to make some little paper boxes today. Kind of fun. LOL

  2. I am - I'm hanging on for your latest frivolity updates! My latest frivolity is slipping/sliding up and down the hallway in new slippers. I actually have sore leg muscles from all the daredevilling.

  3. Your quilt is really moving along! how are you planning to set them?

  4. Hello, your work is extremely beautiful. I was wondering, as a fellow artist/maker, how you manage to produce so much each week, with quilt-stitching as well!?

  5. Your imagination is outstanding! I love all your dolls!:)

  6. Thanks everybody!

    Canngil- I'm planning on attaching all the finished flowers, applique-style, to lots of different green squares. That's as far as I've gotten with the planning :)

    Birdsunmoon- How do I get so much done? Well, there are 2 of us (Dylan and I) working on this stuff full-time, like a really fun job. The other stuff (like my latest hexagon obsession) is done on my time off.

  7. I really enjoy all your new items! Fantastic!

  8. Jo,
    The pandas are great but I am a wolf fan.They are all awesome and I won't tell that the Wolf is the best.
    Your quilt is really coming a long.
    Good luck I'll check back to see more progress.

  9. Everything looks great. I am amazed by your output once again.

  10. your flowers should really sparkle on the green!

  11. Such cute pandas- I wish I had a skirt just like theirs!

    My latest frivolity is making tags. I started out just running up a handful for my packaging, but the punching, sewing, stringing and layering is just too addictive! I'll probably end up making some to sell so I suppose it's not very frivolous after all... Ah! My housemate bought a Wii last week, I spend too much frivolous time on that!


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