Mixed-Up May

Halloween stuff in May??
The EHAG blog is hosting a treasure hunt (complete with treasure) for all you lovers of All Hallow's Eve.
The winner will get lots of goodies, including one from me too.
I'll be donating one of these skelly head ornaments.
Actually, it'll be an ornament like these skelly ornaments, only a bit different because
I don't want to ruin the surprise.
Surprises are fun,
and we could all use a little more of them.
Wouldn't it be fun to get all those
spooky little packages in the mail??


  1. Oh I love those, they are so cute!
    I also love suprises in the mail, there is something so very special about reciving a suprise in the mail :)

    Micki x

  2. Very cool ornaments! hmmmm, must check this skeleton key thingie out!

  3. Very funky meme indeedy! Am off to find the metal detector...

  4. yay for Halloween every day:):)
    The ornies are so wonderful and I'm having so much fun hunting for the skeleton key:)

    happy week to you!!

  5. I'm all for a little Halloween mischief in May. Winter was to long:)
    Great Ornaments.


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