A Moon and Some Bunnies

With all the looking back through past work, the new stuff has gotten jealous. So here are a few of our latest creations-
I love how this moon man turned out. He's funny, too. You should see his impression of Christopher Walken. "More cowbell!"
Easter is just around the corner, so I have an extra incentive to make bunnies (yay!).
Here's an itty bitty babe wearing an itty bitty wooden mask. Goofy little thing thinks this mask somehow makes her scary and she keeps jumping out at unsuspecting passersby. She's hoping for blood-curdling screams, but only gets adorable Awwww's.
A trio of rabbits.
I love how Dylan incorporated the stands right into the bodies. Wouldn't these make great chess pieces? They think so anyway, and keep practicing by looking sophisticated and playing hopscotch on the kids' checker board.
A traditional rag doll, this bunny-loving girly girl, takes after my own heart.
Can't . . . talk . . . overwhelmed . . . by . . . cuteness . . .


  1. OMGosh! I love your angel holding the bunnies! And I love your moon face guy!!! Keep up the awsome work! :)

  2. Beautiful stuff.......I'm going to buy something when I get back from my US trip in early June - so keep dishin' it up!

  3. I love all the cuteness too...but get yourself together woman! :)

  4. Oh my goodness. What is more lovely than that angel with the rabs? Wonderful moon man, too. This is just more creativity spouting out for us to enjoy. Thanks to you and Dylan.
    Candace in Athens

  5. I don't know what to comment on first!! i am cracking up at your reference to "more cowbell". My husband and i have a running joke about that! Love the moon man! And all of those bunnies...eeks! The trio WOULD make great chess pieces. So cool and so much excellent work!

  6. You are just so talented~
    I love the moon and the bunnies....
    I love them all!

  7. They are wonderful! My heart goes to the angel and bunnies!

  8. Joee, you continue to delight...
    I love the idea of a whole chess set!
    Interesting what you say about difficulty finding indigo and violet in your recent rainbow.. I am in the process of a rainbow coloured chakra series and am finding indigo and violet hard too.. being a mudgy coloured autumnal girl usually :)
    Hope you are all well..
    Hugs x Rima

  9. Smiles! Your bunnies are so cute. Moon girl has always been one of my favorites that you do.

  10. Oh....I love them all...Love the detail to the craters in the moons surface...amazing....your detail with your art is so incredible..


    Sonia ;)


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