Awardy Awards

Thank you to Laurie and Sue
and финтифлюшкаfor the lovely awards!
I'm supposed to write some number of things about something or other, then pass them along, but I don't really remember what I'm supposed to write, and as for that last one I have NO idea on account of I speak lousy Ukrainian.
So I'm just gonna write 3 things I'm grateful for and then pass them along to 3 people.
(Let's just take it as a given that I'm grateful for the people I love. )
That said,
1. Extra blankets on cold evenings.
2. Free podcasts.
3. That my dog doesn't shed as much as he looks like he does. Now I pick -
The Crafty Crow for the Kreative Blogger award,
Nutmeg for the Sisterhood one,
and Rima for that last sort-of-mysterious one.
Pass them on as you all see fit.

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