And now for the Y in Roy G. Biv
Yellow face.
Yellow base.
Yellow flare.
Yellow hair.

It's been fun looking through all my past works, watching for colors to jump out at me. I'm looking forward to Green and Blue, but Indigo and Violet may present some difficulty.


  1. Brilliant! What a great array of yellow! Especially the lemonhead...
    loved the orange very much too...
    This rainbow exploration is so much fun!

  2. I love the soft yellow that you use. The combination of yellows on the lion are spectacular!

  3. I LOVE your blog rainbow Joee!

    Can't wait to see your greens!!!

    Enchanted Blessings!

  4. Oh darn, I guess that means you will have to make some more art in those two color families. I am sure whatever you come up with will be amazing.

  5. Really loving your pieces, and you are tempting me to get out the paints and do some fabric painting. I have used acrylics and fabric medium for mine. What types of paints or mediums do you use?


  6. Love this series on color you are doing...by the way, I gave you a blog award and absolutely understand how busy the 2 of you are so don't worry about not getting to it if time is a problem. I wanted you to know I think your art is brilliant!!!

  7. OMG...............no words just three letters OMG..


    Sonia ;)

  8. I have been checking out all our rainbows and am completely blown away by the varying interpretations (even though mine, is just plain wrong and based on some unfortunate song which I only sang through my entire childhood...but that's a long and dramatic other story). Back to you: your style really has a uniqueness - its a haunting, quite mesmerising unique and I am looking forward to seeing more!


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