The G in Roy G. Biv stands for Green.
This is my favorite color,
so it was hard to choose just 5 images.
. . . Nutritious green.

Bathing queen.

Fresh as Spring.

Never mean.
I like green!
Now to find some more green buttons. . .


  1. Green is my favorite, so i was anxious to see your creative array!
    Love the rhyming too...

  2. Anonymous3/22/2009

    Hey Jo, You must hear this all the time, but I just have to say it again. You are simply amazing!

    Smiles, Debbie

  3. I love the trees with buttons and of course your dolls. It's been so fun to watch your colors unfold.

  4. Bonjour Jo! What a beautiful display of rainbow colors and what a wonderful idea! Your creations never cease to amaze me, I am a BIG fan of your art! Have a happy green week! LuLu

  5. YOur color creations are FABULOUS!
    I thought the orange was my fave until I just saw the greens...
    Your painting skills are just awesome and your creativity inspiring!

  6. I LOVE green too. I especially like the first item.
    Tracy M.

  7. Anonymous3/25/2009

    How weird is this?...I was just thinking Roy G Biv earlier today and wondering what that was about...I knew it meant something but had forgotten what...now I remember!

    Your work is fabulous. And green is my favorite color. Thank you.


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