Birds in a Boat and Mustachioed Mermen

My very favorite this week
is this pair of grumpy little birds in a boat.
They are adrift on a sea of possibilities.
They must be adrift, cuz they have no oars.
Sometimes they quarrel (being in such close quarters puts a strain on even the best of relationships), but still they sit. And drift.
Don't they know that they have wings?
Maybe they've been sitting in that boat so long that they've forgotten.
Who do they meet on their wayward wanderings? Why, a mustachioed merman of course!This fine finned fellow is quite the catch, even if he does say so himself (and he does). He's had quite a time of it in the studio this week, flirting with the goldfish and trying to convince anyone who'd listen that he has mermaids in all seven seas. It must be the mustache.


  1. He IS quite the man, in a fishy sort of way!

  2. He is such a charmer!

  3. The birdie boys are my fav. I love their little story! Quarreling or not they are a tremendous creation!

  4. This is the first time I see a man mermaid. Cool!

  5. I just love visiting your blog, and am in absolute awe of every single piece!!

    Kudos again on the magazine feature- well deserved!

    ~ Carolee

  6. Well...you did it!!! You made me GIGGLE OUT LOUD! I just love your comments, and those birds in a boat! Oh my... really, really cute! I have to say though.. the Merman, he's the BEST! The moustache is great, but it's the 'hairy' chest that must attract the ladies. Heehee, he's wonderful! Applause, applause for Cart Before the Horse! Penny

  7. *giggle* He has mermaids in all 7 seas.....too cute! Can mermen be Studs? =D

  8. Joee,I just love the birds in the boat story!I love the art you guys do in this style,it reminds me of the Native American art you see from Washington state.That Merman MUST go with them!A big congrats on Cloth Paper Scissors-I can't find one yet,WAAAH!Your pattern looks top notch,too!

  9. Your Merman is so creative and cool! Love your work!


  10. You are so talented...I love your latest creations. So happy to have found your blog! You and hubs' creativity is inspiring. Wishing you all the best in 2009! Susan

  11. Congrats on the magazine feature!! And on the new pattern! It looks fantastic & will be insanely inspiring to many, I'm sure.

    I have to say...I love that mustachioed merman! He is a charmer for sure. I can imagine that he has been showing those guns all over the studio! He also makes me think of the movie Zoolander & Ben Stiller making a point to tell his coal miner dad it's Mer-man, not mermaid.

    Beautiful, work! Full of delight & joy!


  12. The commentary that goes along with your images is great - what a fun blog! Tell me, will burly Merman have a date for Valentines?

    -Sweet B


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