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I love seeing where people spend their most creative time, don't you?
. . .
Here's a peek at our studio space, looking nice and clean in it's Sunday best. Actually, it's usually a mess on Sunday, so Monday Best would be a more accurate term. I like to start the week with a clean slate. It sets the stage for creative and productive play.
Some of my beloved Little Reds watch the goings-on with varying degrees of interest. That grumpy one in the back (made by my often-grumpy youngest) is not easily impressed. I found these wonderful metal bins on clearance a while back. They hold fabric, separated by color, and one holds buttons that have yet to be sorted. Dylan gave me a label maker last Mother's Day, can you tell? My very favorite wall accessory-- Kid Art! Some of my favorites keep me company. I found those cute little frames at the dollar store and hot glued ribbon loops to the backs for hanging.
Grumpy Monkey guards fabric-covered boxes full of bit and bobs.
Perched atop the highest shelf, Honest Abe enjoys some of Dylan's music video props.
Here's my latest time-saving gadget. It's a drying rack.
I lack patience.

That's enough of me.

I wanna see your creative spaces too!


  1. Very smart drying rack! I never paint without my blowdryer at my side. Like a gunslinger of the old west. Yours reminds me of the Willy Wonka factory where the little boy and Grandfather are sucked to the ceiling by the big fan.

  2. Anonymous1/22/2009

    I love your drying rack!

  3. Wow...Love all your ideas for space and to help with your designs. Such a wonderful workspace. I just posted mine...hope one day its as crisp and organized as yours...

  4. Anonymous1/22/2009

    I love your creative space. Very motivating!


  5. What a good idea!
    I'm posting pics of my studio asap - you will be shocked!

    I think I have a 'before' and an 'after' shot - I'll post both.

    Is there a prize for the messiest? I'll win it hands down!


  6. Thanks for posting this, Joee. It is inspiring to see and makes me see that cleaning out my studio fully can be done. Awesome drying rack, and wonderful Little Red collection. :-)


  7. Love your drying rack. I just place my paintings under the ceiling fan on hi, it feels like a hurricane, but it works.
    Those colorful buckets are great and are very decorative.
    Love your dolls!

  8. Love the red and green, Jo! And the kid art is positively inspiring! I posted a studio pic this morning...

  9. I am exactly the same way. We clean the house and my art room on Sunday so that i can start off the week feeling focused! Love the pics...

  10. Very cool drying rack device. What a great workspace and so organized. I confess that my studio doesn't get spiffied up unless company is expected. I'll make an extra effort to tidy up this week.


  11. It's nice to see your studio and get a glimpse of where the magic happens. The drying rack is a great invention. This weeks auction items are fabulous. I'm in love with the Queen of Hearts! That cute round face and all that red, I can't help myself. Of course Elfie's stand is amazing too so I'd quickly snap him up too.

  12. great spot ! Love the reds and th drying rack too !! I posted a little of my space on Garb-oodles Soup !! Hugs, Mica

  13. ya know, we just started working on the basement room--again!-- yesterday...of course, i'll hafta wear earmuffs and gloves! LOL

    thanks for sharing your studio with us!

  14. yeap, the drying rack... it's a masterpiece of engenering! I love to visit artists spaces, there is an artist magazine with always a view of the artist creative spaces. It's 3x3 mag. Great magazine. I'll put pictures of my space on my page, promise! xoxo

  15. Thanks for a glimpse into your creative space! LOVE the kid art!!

    You soooooooooo don't want to see mine....a friend recently stopped by and said "it looks like an art store threw up in here!" Haha....

    ~ Carolee

  16. thanks for sharing your work space. Just love that drying rack contraption. I hate waiting for things to dry too and inevitably mess things up by not waiting long enough.

  17. I love your work space. It's so organized. I see your creativity is not limited to just creating dolls!! what an AWSOME drying rack!
    very creative!!
    Prim Blessings ~ Linda


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