. . .and they're off!

It's here! Our very first in-print article! It takes a while for things to hit the shelves here, but it finally made it. Dylan and I were so excited to see ourselves (via our words and work) in such a fine publication. Six pieces were featured, including 3 Cheater Quilts and 3 matching dolls. We're selling the first of them this week, just in time for Valentine's Day. Isn't she cute, with her big ole noggin?
. The coordinating Cheater Quilt comes with a
little matching Artist Trading Card.

There's a simple pattern for this quilt on Cloth Paper Scissors' site, if you wanna try your hand at it. . Speaking of patterns. . .


We did it! Our very first pattern is all
done up right and ready to go. Yay!
We chose The Storybook Girls as our first in (hopefully) a long line of painted art quilt patterns. It's currently for sale on ebay and we're hoping to get them up on our website and etsy soon as well.
2009 is off with a bang!


  1. YAY! I have a subscription to this magazine and I was so excited to see your work in there! Congrats!

  2. So wonderful-congratulations! I can't wait to try one of your patterns. Now to find a copy of the magazine!

  3. Oooooh! Congratulations! The doll is beautiul and I love, love, love the story book girls cheater quilt! Congrats on the magazine and your very first pattern. I hope this is the just beginning for you! I know it is!

  4. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you!!!!!!! And how happy for you to? Congratulations to both you and Dylan..........I knew that this day was coming. It's the first of many too...........=o)

    Hugs from Ohio! Your art still makes me drool like a fool.......LOL


  5. A BIG Congrats to you guys and well-deserved!.... This is only the beginning of your fame I'm thinking.... :)

    ~ Johanna

  6. Oh Baby that's sweet. SWEET. Pam

  7. Wow! It's all wonderful! I loved looking at the magazine and saying, "Hey! I know this artist!"

    The birds are my favorite of the week!


  8. Congratulations!! I love that magazine, that is awesome.
    I will check the pattern out I want to do something like this for my girls.

  9. This is so exciting!!! And so deserving as well! you guys are so very talented and have the best imaginations around!!
    Big Congrats Joee and Dylan!!!!

  10. That quilt is super cool. I think the next one needs a Pink Floyd T-Shirt stitched in it.

    Aren't they all like that?

  11. This is wonderful....congratulations to you both..you deserve this recognition..your work is fantastic!

    Take care,

  12. I was THRILLED to see you in the magazine, I adore your work! Congrats!

  13. CONGRATS on your 1st print article! What a wonderful thing for you and Dylan! I hope it's the beginning of some fantastic opportunities for you both. God Bless, Penny

  14. More Congratulations. How exciting.
    Your work is wonderful and I enjoy the story you provide along with them.

  15. that quilt is so magical, what a wonderful idea to share the pattern! I'm just smitten by your work!


  16. Yay Joee! (clapping) Yay Dylan!
    Congratulations to both of you! This is such exciting news! I am just so proud of you and I know it's just the beginning!

    By the way....your Merman and Birds in a Boat are brilliant!


  17. please say you will do more patterns. I bought this one, but it will probably go in my ton of pattern stash. I love to collect lovely patterns. Congratulations, I have several of your doll, and am always trying to get another. Love your work, always. Good Luck forever!!!!!!

    Linda Allen

  18. Your work is SOOO wonderful and original...just LOVE that! Congrats on the magazine article. I was wondering if i should subscribe to that.
    I am an animal doll artist and just happened upon you today...am always looking to find kindred spirits. I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous work!
    Best wishes,
    Carrie the SnipPet Girl


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