I usually don't use too much pink in my artsy endeavors, but this week just felt Pink. It's been a long gray week here in the Pacific Northwest, the kinda of daze that make getting out of bed difficult. A person just wants to stay snuggled beneath the covers, soft and drifting on a pink cloud. The moon in this piece has the right idea.More pink in the sweet round cheeks of this little bit of whimsy. And a pink parade prances around the hem of this odd little owl keeper.
New-found love of pink aside, this week's favorites are probably the latest Little Red and her wolfy counterpart. Course, I'm biased, being a long-time fan of the red-hooded child.


  1. Smiles at the wolf... got to think about that one. :) Ya'll are really doing your website? I'm going to have to find a brain to do that. I still can't get the blog like I want it. You've got the kid power, that's your secret weapon! ~PJ

  2. Keep thinking PINK! It looks great! I'm a fan of little Red and the wolf too, I hope they go to the same person. Where would Little Red be without the wolf?!

  3. Oh they are so pretty...I like the pink and it isnt a strong pink...its a soft pink like cotton candy soft. Awesome


    Sonia ;)

  4. This place is ENCHANTING!
    you look good in pink!

  5. As usual I soooo love your art. I love pink too.

  6. LOVE the touches of pink! The website looks great too - you're inspiring me to update mine (long overdue!)

    Love the little quote - too true, lol...

    ~ Carolee

  7. The girls are adorable!


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