Tricky Treats and Creepy Confections

One of the two online groups I'm in specializes in Halloweeny goodness.
Both groups recently issued challenges to their members. This one's challenge was:
It wasn't hard for me to decide on a Tricky Treat.
I love cupcakes. Love them!
They are so pretty and perfectly-sized, tiny little packages of pure sweet potential. So naturally my confections took a cupcakey form.
. . .
Unfortunately, these inedible yummys had a bit of a near-death experience before being saved just in the nick of time.
(Don't be scared, this story has a happy ending.)
See, sometimes I like to the hurry the drying process a bit by sticking my paperclay pieces in a warm oven, especially on rainy days (which we have our share of here in the Pacific NW). I turn the oven on and off, never letting it get too terribly toasty for the little darlings. Anyway, on this particular rainy day, it was Dylan's turn to cook dinner (we take turns daily). Not noticing the confectionery delights in the oven, he turned it up to 425 degrees.
(There really should be a dramatic pause here.)
A few hundred degrees into the heating-up process and I hear the tiny cries of Skelly and Punkinhead (OK, so I smelled their overly hot styrofoam armatures expanding). Aaaaah! My poor babies!
I rescued them in the nick of time, just shy of Total Meltdown, but not before several cracks emerged in their frosting perches. Letting them cool down very slowly, I pulled them back from the brink of death. Whew! After a little reconstructive surgery (paperclay transplant), they were better than ever, and a bit more humble for the experience.

I think the whole experience has made them close friends. They're rather inseparable now. I felt bad when Dylan listed them in separate auctions. Haven't they had enough trauma in their short lives?


  1. LOVE your "baked" treats Joee!

    Have a great weekend. :)


  2. Oh the trauma, I'm glad they are okay! Then again they are Halloween creations and Halloween is about mischief and mayhem so maybe they were just getting their Halloween training!

  3. Wow Jo, I feel your pain! This exact same thing happened to me! I leave my paperclay pieces in at 180° for several hours. My sweet husband wiped down the stove, accidentally turning it off, then preheated the oven for dinner. A few minutes later he decided to check just in case. My paperclay cauldron, which had been baking happily all day, was a huge lump of expanding styrofoam. There was no saving it. 180° works wonders 375° makes bad things happen.

    Ah, those husbands! How sweet that they cook but not when they cook our art!

    I bet there are other stories out there identical to this one!

    Love your creepy goodies!


  4. How cute are these? Yummy!!! Pam

  5. Ya just had to show something chocolate... now I'm having a craving... those look so good. MY husband would get up in the middle of the night and eat one! PJ
    Thank God for men that cook!

  6. Ha! Your posts always make me laugh! :) So glad you managed to save these in time! They're amazing!!

  7. Hey grilie...your art is amazing. You need to participate in this..


    It's for the kids.
    See more here:


    If you have time would love to have you...
    I'm also interested in that challenge group your in!

  8. Wishing you a magickal & Happy Halloween!!! :-D)

    SpOOky CK


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