Jr. High and Art Supplies

Well folks, I'm going back to school. And it's Jr. High no less! Yikes!
Tomorrow I'm starting to teach an after-school art program. The kids in school here get zero art instruction (a fact that would have persuaded us to take our kids elsewhere if not for the instruction they get everyday at home), so a much-needed after-school program has been started. Hooray!
I'll be handling arts and crafts. It's becoming a more a more daunting task as time and the reality of dealing with a severely under-funded and under-staffed public school passes by. The reality is, they have next to nothing, art supply wise.
Did I say next to nothing? I meant nothing. Not a pencil. Not a piece of drawing paper. But they DO have people that really want to make this happen, and that's a wonderful start.
And NOW, they have me.
Being newer than new myself, I don't quite know what's what or who's who yet, but I know there must be some motivated and caring individuals behind the scenes. There needs to be.
So I start tomorrow, right? A couple weeks ago, I made a list of supplies that we need to get started. Apparently, it's somewhere in Red Tape Land. No supplies. We're hoping they've been ordered and are maybe even on their way. (Cross your collective fingers.)
Meanwhile, I start tomorrow. So I had to quickly put together an art lesson that requires no art supplies (?????). I'm not that innovative (or boring). I've been warned not to spend my own money, but I had to at least get pencils and some paper. So we'll draw for a couple of days, and pray for supplies to appear by next week.
Our public school teachers deal with this everyday. And the good ones make lemonade out of lemons all the time.
They deserve a raise.
And a hug.
And our support.
So thank a teacher today.
Thank you!


  1. My mom is always spending her own money on her kindergarten class. Almost all teachers do. You should leave your address on the post above so all us bloggers out in blog land can send something your way for this class. I also see nothing wrong giving a list of items needed for the after school art program. Most parents are more than willing to get what is needed for art classes. Best of luck.

    P.S. Would love to send something your way, if you don't want to post your address, please email me it.

    P.S.S. How about some papier mache? Spelled wrong I am sure. News papers are free and the supplies needed for the paste are pretty minimal. Instead of using paint on the finished product, you could encourage the kids to gather found objects to cover the finished sculpture in. You could discuss all of the different sculpture artists that use junk to make beautiful art. It is also a good lesson in the three "r's".

  2. i like the idea of paper mache.
    or how about collages( use old magazines)? Ooh, paper collages! Rip up mags, and either cover notebooks, or just make a personal poster.
    or doing some rubbings( whether it be of stones, leaves, etc)
    how about some origami?

    Weaving is another easy paper craft technique. Weaving is very simple, you can just cut slits in a sheet of paper and weave other strips of paper over and under the slits. Weaving makes a great base for a card for a special someone - or a placemat for a special meal!

    Basket making is good. You just need many newspapers. Carefully fold or roll them he lengthwise into strips.
    Weave a base. Fold up the unwoven sides. Staple or tape a rim around the edges. Then weave more strips over under all around. Make a braided handle and hot glue it on or staple it on.
    how about a skit?
    or write a spur of the moment paper on what they want to do in art class??
    Quilling is yet another paper craft technique. It's also known as paper filigree. By taking small lengths of paper and twirling them around a quilling wand, you can create any type of pictures from flowers to shapes, even letters. Quilling is a fun paper craft that with a little practice anyone can do!

    Duct tape is a wonderful idea!!! Just give a teen a roll of it, and let um go crazy! they love thinking of new ways to create stuff with duct tape. Wallets, ties, jewelry, i-pod covers. The possibilites are seriously endless!

  3. It sounds like such a cool project, even if the supplies are not there yet. These kids will have a blast if you just showed a couple of the things you create.

    Old buttons make for nice artsy creations as well.

  4. Have fun with the kiddies, they are blessed to have you
    Happy Halloween!

  5. take a day or two to talk about art... not just the monet/ da vinci stuff but what art means today. i always found that teachers never related what could be done with art (thus the lack of importance people place on art classes when kids become adults). ask them what they think art is or where art shows up. architecture, graffiti, tv/movies, album covers, fashion, furniture, cars... you get the idea. it is the same as when kids ask why they should learn math, what good will it do? it should be the same with art. show them that art is all around and then you might find that they bring ideas that won't be so material heavy/ high cost (found object, magazines etc). good luck! and hurrah for keeping art going for these kids.

  6. Kudos to you for taking this on - the community is lucky to have you!

    It's so sad to me that art programs have been cut so drastically. Please do think about some kind of online donation program - I think many people would be willing to help. :)

    ~ Carolee

  7. Ohh...the students are soooo lucky to have you! Have a your students think of ways to do projects as well as fundraiser ideas....what about a bake sale...or a car wash to raise money for supplies. Also ask your local art stores to help support the arts! Your doing an amazing thing, arts in school is a MUST! Keep it going.....you deserve a bushel of apples :) jackie

  8. My hat is off to you for taking on this art program! We need more funds going to these programs! I have voluteered a lot of my time at our public schools and I know that more support is needed. You have been given good advice for finding $$$ to help you. You are an angel!


  9. Those are some lucky students!!! If there is an artistic bone in their bodies, you are the one to bring it out in them!!! How very generous of you Joee!
    Hope it is going well...

  10. Congrats to you!!! How exciting!! What lucky students!! You are so right, teachers deserve all they can get!! Maybe your PTO or PTA can help out?? Our PTO up here is wonderful, we do a few fundraisers so that all of our kids get to do fun things like field trips, ect...we also like to help out our wonderful teachers..
    Best of luck!!

  11. Thank you! As a teacher I have always spent my own money for supplies and materials to help my students learn. I just returned to teaching this fall and that hasn't changed.
    Thank you for stepping up and offering to teach art after school. Your efforts will be appreciated. You have the opportunity to inspire and teach children. You may even change their lives forever with your efforts. With your talent I know this endeavor will be a great success! Good luck and I can't wait to see what you and your students create together!

  12. Lucky students and lucky you! I wish I could be one of your students. Good luck with your new venture and let us know how it goes.


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