Flying Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease

I'm in a small group of women from all over the place who come together online to chat and support each other's artistic whims. We like to challenge ourselves periodically to do something new. This time is was a Cage Doll challenge. A cage doll typically has a finished top half, and the bottom half is a hollow cage-like shape. Traditionally, cage dolls were used as theater mannequins, religious figures, and fashion mannequins.
Why bother with lower body on a display doll if it would always be covered by a long gown?
So several of us took this cage doll idea and ran with it (hopefully, there was no running with scissors).
Here's the top bit of mine:
Her bottom half isn't exactly a gown, but whatever.
Naturally, I had to make some residents for such a grand Big Top.

Does anyone else hear calliope music?


  1. Joee,
    You never cease to amaze me!!! Your talent and creativity knows no bounds! This is the coolest circus ever! How do you come up with these amazing ideas?!
    I'm looking forward to doing a circus theme with my preschool class this winter. Your circus doll inspired me to start working on my theme and materials now.

  2. I would love to peek inside your brain for a day, Joee. She/they are wonderful.

  3. What a wonderful, imaginative piece!! I just love visiting your blog - your work is amazing!

    ~ Carolee

  4. Circus Art is a very unexplored feel and you have mastered it. Beautifully done, I will have to share these on my blog.

  5. Your cage doll is simply amazing! I love the creations that everyone who participated in the challenge came up with.


  6. And I thought it was the cheater quilts I loved...

  7. This piece nearly made me curse when I first saw it. It is beyond fantastic! This is completely stunning. Bravo!


  8. WOW! I live that circus skirted fellow!
    Didn't know that cage dolls were a "genre".. I love the idea. Do you know of Akira Blount? She makes wonderful cage dolls - sometimes with wheels as well :)
    Hope you are fine n dandy Joee x

  9. Hi Joee!
    You commented on my blog a while back, and I had meant to respond, but time escaped me. My mom's proud of you as well, she constantly forwards Dylan's newsletters to me. I love looking at your work and this circus is my favorite! I'm glad you're family is doing so well out west!


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