Another mask wearing babe this week:
Wouldn't it be odd if the witchy mask was our latest standard of beauty, worn by this little cutie to hide her ugliness? I hear green is in this season. We all wear masks sometimes, even if they're not literal. Issues arise when our masks cease to be removable, or when we fool ourselves into thinking they are our true self. Our real faces are so much more beautiful than we can know. If we are lucky, someone will see a trace of our true face and love us for it. If we are very very lucky, we may catch glimpses of it for ourselves.


  1. What a great post! The creations are gorgeous and I loved what you said about removing the mask and catching glimpses of our true selves!

  2. Witchy mask is TOO FUN! '-)


  3. I like her wooden legs very much :)
    I like people best who show themselves truly and if they feel a need to wear a mask, its one that looks the same as their spirit...


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