First Day of School

With the stirrings of Autumn in the air, I'm starting to think about school days ahead. It doesn't seem too long ago that my eldest was swallowed up by the primary colors of her very first schoolroom. Her teacher was brand new, and couldn't have been sweeter. By the time my youngest started school, 3 years later, the young teacher had moved on and was replaced with another rookie, also lovely as could be. This one was a little bit older, and had children herself the same age as mine. She lasted much longer. It takes a special kind of person to enjoy teaching Kindergartners.
May a lifetime supply of apples be theirs!
Do you remember your first day of school?
I do not, but my long-suffering mom has relayed the story to me many times.

Mom: So, how was your first day of school?

Little Jo: Fine, 'cept for I stepped in some dog s**t.

Mom: Ummmmmm. . .


Come to think of it, Moms could use a lifetime supply of apples too.


  1. I went out and got some paperclay today to try making a doll head.
    how do you attach the head to the doll body?? do you do like the old china dolls, and put holes in the shoulders to sew it on? that sounds like a real challenge, is there a better way??
    thanks! you and your art are a real inspiration to us weekend artisans out here on the net.
    cathy g

  2. This really had me laughing this morning! It's not right, but little kids & those words...too funny. My step-mom, who was a teacher, has many funny first day stories like that...one about a little boy who, after learning that kindergarten was a full day, not a half day, said 'who the sh*t put me in here then?'

    Thanks for the chuckle this morning!


    (P.S. This little girl is my fave of yours this week. I love art with letters or words incorporated & that little alphabet apron is purely genius.)

  3. Hilarious! I cracked up! I'm heading back to my first day of teacher workshops next week and first day with kids the following week. This will be my first time teaching in over 4 years. I remember that the first day of school is always exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.
    Your little school girl is beautiful!

  4. Oh, my. The things kids say. When my younger guy was in kindergarten he asked how you have to be to be a comedian.

    I remember the first day of kindergarten because a little boy was having a huge meltdown and I was so worried about him. I wonder what he's up to now?

  5. Hehe :)
    She's great that one.

  6. I love the elephant! It is my favorite this week. (I love all of your dolls every week)

  7. I dont really remember my first day at school, but i do remember what I wore. A pink pinafore my Mum made. And pink socks.

  8. I don't really remember my own first day at school, but I do remember my daughter's...I was fairly young, and Courtney being an only child (and my only shot at playing dress-up) I completely overspent on a wardrobe of adorable little "back to school" outfits for her, only to have her come home completely covered in finger paint, hair bow askew, with a pin stuck through her collar, creating a permanent hole in her new rayon dress (some sort of note from the teacher I think). After that, it was PLAYCLOTHES all the way, haha....

    LOVE the new dolly - darling apron!

    ~ Carolee

  9. I cried the first day of school. And I remember the smell of the paste. Still don't like that smell. Funny how mom's remember the right things. And a supply of apples to moms' daughters!


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