Crater Face and Punkinhead

I'm gonna have to pick this pock-marked princess as my fave this week.

She's really not as hoity-toity as she comes across. She's just overcompensating for shyness and subtle insecurities I suppose.

This sweet punkinhead is running a close second though. It's all about the cheeks! What is it about fat cheeks that make little people, vegetable-headed or otherwise, so darn cute? Is a pumpkin a vegetable? Would my kids still eat Thanksgiving dessert if I called it Vegetable Pie? "Want some whipped cream on your vegetable pie, kids? "

In case you were wondering, I sculpt my heads out of Paperclay. It's kinda like paper mache pulp, only ground up really fine and smooth. It dries hard like plaster, but still feels and takes paint just like paper. It's a real joy to paint on after it's sanded. I use different armatures, depending on the project. Aluminum foil works great, as does Styrofoam or regular paper mache.

If you haven't tried sculpting with Paperclay, I highly recommend it. So fun!


  1. "Moon-face" is fabulous.

  2. Pock-marked Princess is my favorite this week too, but I love them all. I have heard so many good things about Paperclay recently too that I need to give it a try.

  3. I have been checking in for a month or so and just in awe. I love Pock-marked Princess. Her eyes! I have my talents but for one day I wish I had yours. The things I would make!

  4. for the life of me - I could never ever choose just one! If my life depended on it, I guess I would take my own topsy turvey, whom I still love and adore with all my heart ♥

    Hope you guys are enjoying summer in the new home!


  5. Can't figure out which of these is my favorite - they're both just amazing!!

    Have to agree about the paperclay - LOVE IT....Just discovered it last year, and I'm having sooooo much fun. :)

    ~ Carolee

  6. JUST GREAT!!! Crater face...love that! LOL '-)

    Spooky Hugs,

  7. Adore your birds! Love the one your punkinhead is riding! Makes me ache for Halloween!

  8. Love them all!I have use paperclay before but have never carved it.Its something I would like to try sometime.

  9. Oooh I love crater face! She's so sweet! I'm sure she's just self conscious about her bumpy face! But she's beautiful! Pumpkin is a vegetable and punkinhead is the cutest little veggie! Paperclay sounds like fun, I've never tried it.

  10. There isn't one single, solitary time that I don't come here and SWOON! I absolutely love the work you both do!!

  11. Anonymous8/09/2008

    Such talent! Love your Blog!


  12. They are both lovely, but I especially like the pumpkin face. Adorable!


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